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The plant in Avonmore is a modern manufacturer of world class, advanced metal technology rolls for hot and cold strip mills through out North America, Asia and European markets. The Avonmore plant with approximately 250 employees produces 24,000 tons of standard and specialty rolls, per year. The production facilities amounts to 28,789 m².

Åkers National Roll Co. in Avonmore


 Avonmore plant

- Roll foundry with 1 vertical centrifugal casting machine capable
  of casting up to 51 inches (1,295 mm) in diameter
- Heat treatment center consisting of 2 arc furnaces, 17 car type furnaces,
  7 hood type furnaces, 4 quenching machines, 1 caster
- Machine shop with 5 grinders, 13 lathes, 2 ingersoll duplex mills, 
  3 centering machines 

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